Governing Body

Role of the School Governing Body

The role of the School Governing Body is to work alongside the Head Master and management of the school to ensure the school is run in a manner as required by the South African Schools Act of 1996. The creation of this body of parents is critical to ensure that the interests of the broader parent body of the school are covered and in keeping with this premise, this committee is elected by the parents of the school.

The SGB is elected for a period of three years by way of a procedurally dictated process overseen by the Gauteng Department of Education and all parent members, or prospective parent members need to be parents of the school in good standing. The Governing Body elects its Chairman, Vice Chairman, Finance Chairman and Secretary from amongst its members on an annual basis. Only a parent member of the Governing Body who is not employed at the School may serve as the chairman.

One of the key duties of the SGB is the compilation of the SGB constitution and code of conduct by which all learners, educators and non-educators are required to conduct themselves.

In accordance with the SGB Constitution, the composition of the SGB shall be as follows:

  • Educators. 3 permitted with voting rights
  • Parents. The number of which must comprise one more than the combined total of other members of the SGB who have voting rights. A parent who is employed by the school may not represent parents on the SGB. A maximum of 9 members permitted.
  • Non educator’s members. 1 permitted with voting rights
  • Learners of the school. Elected by the representative council of learners subject to section 32 and these learners must be in the 8th grade or higher. 3 members permitted without voting rights.
  • The principal in his / her official capacity. 1 member permitted with voting rights.
  • Co-opted members. Community members without voting rights or replacing elected parent members with voting rights.

Various sub-committees within the governing body exist:

  • Finance Committee: Responsible for the financial governing of the school. This includes the setting of school fees, compilation of the annual budget and ensuring all expenses are duly sanctioned.
  • Human Resources Committee: Responsible for dealing with all Human Resources matter such as training and employment matters.
  • Disciplinary Committee: Responsible for dealing with all matters pertaining to disciplinary matters relating to learners, educators and non educators as required.
  • Sub Clubs: Responsible for all school sporting and cultural sub club matters such as sub club fund raising, effective liaising between Masters in Charge of the various cultural / sporting codes and the parents.


A strong school needs a strong an active School Governing Body and I would encourage the parents of our school to make themselves available for election or co-option. Full details of the electoral process are available from the school office.