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  1. All Druce Hall boys are required to uphold the Parktown Boys’ High School Code of Conduct and are bound by the school rules at all times.  Boarding staff are appointed in loco parentis for boarders.  Boarders who are guilty of a breach of the schools Code of Conduct and/or the Boarding House Code of Conduct are deemed to have forfeited the rights and services offered by the boarding staff and parent committee in terms of loco parentis.
  2. No boarder may leave the Parktown Boys’ High School campus without obtaining permission from the duty master or the senior master.  Written permission will only be granted should a written request be received by the senior master twenty four hours prior to the event.  Absence without leave is regarded as serious misconduct and warrants a mandatory suspension and possible expulsion.
  3. Possession of any intoxicating substance is forbidden at Druce Hall and offenders will face immediate disciplinary action.
  4. Possession of any form of pornography or pornographic material is forbidden at Druce Hall and offenders face immediate disciplinary action.
  5. Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance and learners are required to shower at least once a day.  Learners have three shower times a day in which to ensure that they observe this condition.
  6. Druce Hall and its surroundings are to be kept neat and tidy at all times.  This includes closing all windows on weekends, switching off all heaters and lights when they are not needed and ensuring that personal property is kept neatly in provided spaces.
  7. No running, shouting, rough play or ball games are permitted in the Druce Hall buildings.
  8. No music is to be played during study sessions or after lights out.  Offenders will have their equipment confiscated.
  9. Boarders may not visit other dormitories after lights out.
  10. No parents, relatives or friends are permitted into the dormitories.
  11. No day scholars may enter the boarding house unless accompanied by a Boarding master.
  12. No boarder is permitted to sell any goods or services on the school or boarding campus.
  13. Boys who become sick must report to the duty master so that the necessary action may be taken.
  14. No boarder may enter the swimming pool area without a boarding or school master present.
  15. Boys may use the school gym at the times specified by the Sports Department and only under supervision of a boarding or school master.
  16. No boarders may bring motorized transport onto the boarding campus.
  17. The undertaking of abusive or violent initiation practices is strictly forbidden and will result in disciplinary action.
  18. All boarders are to respect communal areas and the personal space of fellow boarders.



  1. The Jubilee Lounge is the designated area for all meals prepared for the Boarding Establishment and, as such, gentlemanly conduct is required at all times.
  2. All boarders are to be on time for meals.  No sports practice may encroach upon meal times.  All extra-lessons must be completed.  Boarders are to remain aware that it takes at least 10 minutes to dress appropriately for meal times.  This should be managed accordingly.
  3. No food is allowed to leave the Jubilee Lounge.  All meals are to be completed before boarders may leave the dining room.
  4. No crockery, cutlery or any other kitchen appliance is allowed to be taken out of the Jubilee Lounge.
  5. All grade 8 boarders are expected to supply one condiment for the table once a week.  This is optional, each learner may decide for himself should he wish to participate.
  6. No caps or hats are to be worn in the Jubilee Lounge.
  7. No homework or studying is to be done in the Jubilee Lounge during meal times.
  8. No bags are allowed in the Jubilee Lounge.  This includes such items as carry cases and projects.
  9. The kitchen staff are not employed to assist any boarders with homework or personal favours.  Please remember that they are adults and are to be treated as such.
  10. No ball games or unnecessary noise will be permitted in the Jubilee Lounge.



Form 4 and Form 5 boys are allowed to study in their rooms however poor academic performance will see this privilege revoked. Senior boarders earn the above privilege by maintaining a 60% average through the first term. Academic results are assessed by the relevant tutor and only then may this privilege be applicable. The boarders in grades 8 – 10 will report to the allocated venue/venues for prep.

  1. The prep venues are to be used as places of study and homework under the supervision of a duty master.  Grade 8 boarders have an alternative venue available and are supervised by two senior boys.
  2. Prep commences at 18h40 and concludes at 20h30 from Monday to Thursday.  Prep is compulsory for all boarders.
  3. There are prep venues open int he school every day, Monday to Friday from after school until 4pm.  Boarders are encouraged to make use of the extra time allocated for academic reinforcement.
  4. No eating or drinking will be permitted in the prep venues.  This is a serious offence and offenders will be dealt with accordingly.
  5. No ball games or card games will be permitted in the prep venues.  this is a serious offence and offenders will be dealt with accordingly.
  6. No cell phones, MP3 players, I-Pods, Walkmans, Discmans or any musical device will be permitted in the prep venues.  These items will be confiscated and held by the School Office for the remainder of the term or for five weeks, whichever is the longer.
  7. No item may be removed from the prep venues without the permission of the duty master or senior master at any time.  This is a most serious offence and offenders will be dealt with accordingly.
  8. Boarders who do subjects which require specialized stationery or materials are required to make sure that the relevant items accompany them to the boarding house each week.
  9. With respect to projects and work which may require parental involvement, specific purchases or computer work, academic staff will ensure that boarders are given sufficient time, including at least one weekend to complete the necessary.  Parents are requested to contact the relevant subject teacher in this regard.


Inspection will commence for all boarders at 6.45 am sharp every day.

Each boarder must comply with the following:

Each dorm must comply with the following:

Any form of non–compliance or failing of inspection on more than two occasions, within a one week period, will result in the boarder or dorm in question being given two hours of corrective measures to take place on the Sunday afternoon of that week in which they fail to maintain their obligatory inspection code.


Arriving at Druce Hall:

Departing from Druce Hall:



Boarders at Druce Hall are occasionally ill or injured. In these situations boarders must follow the following protocol:

Boarders who are sick:

Boarders who are injured and in need of medical assistance:

The duty master will contact the parents and notify them of the situation and steps to be taken.





Boarders may bring cell phones to the Boarding House subject to the following:

  1. Cell phones remain the responsibility of the owner.
  2. Boarding staff will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to cell phones unless the said phone was in the care of the staff member at the time.
  3. Grade 8 boarders will be informed during the first term when they may bring cell phones to boarding.
  4. The use of phones during organized boarding activities is prohibited, we ask that parents study the daily schedule to determine appropriate times to call boarders.
  5. The lending of phones and accessories is forbidden.
  6. Staff may confiscate cell phones if the above are not adhered to.
  7. These shall be returned at the end of term or after a minimum of six weeks should term end sooner.






Boarders may use the facilities on campus subject to the following:

  1. Permission is granted by the relevant facility manager.
  2. Boarders are accompanied by school staff or boarding staff.
  3. Use may not impact upon the regular school requirements from the facility.
  4. Damage to the facility remains the responsibility of the boarder concerned.
  5. Use of the facility is within the boarding policy guidelines.


Boarders may be gated by a boarding staff member as a disciplinary measure.
This would entail one or more of the following:




Boarders may apply for permission to participate in club sport on a termly basis.

  1. This must be done in writing one week prior to the first commitment.
  2. The boarder must be a full participant in school sport and that sport is to be his priority.
  3. The boarder’s academic record will be taken into account.
  4. All travel arrangements are the responsibility of the respective parent.
  5. Boarders must report in and out from the Duty Master.

The Senior Master may revoke this privilege at any time should he feel it necessary.


  1. The Boarding House staff and Parent Management Committee have the right to implement disciplinary procedures and appropriate punitive and corrective measures where deemed necessary.
  2. The school Headmaster, boarding staff and student executive of Druce Hall have the authority to effect punitive and corrective measures including, but not limited to : detentions, gardening, counseling, ground clearing and maintenance duties for breaches of the Boarding Policy.
  3. Serious offences including, but not limited to violence, possession or distribution of illegal substances, theft, truancy, smoking and defiance will result in a disciplinary hearing and subsequent sanctions.
  4. Boarders who are repeat offenders and who interfere with the efficient running of the Boarding House will be sent home and a hearing convened thereafter.
  5. Refusal to accept the findings and sanctions of an official hearing will carry with it a recommendation for expulsion from the Boarding House and a full School Governing Body hearing.
  6. For minor infringements of the Boarding Policy the disciplinary committee shall be made up of:
    A) Druce Hall Senior Master.
    B) The relevant grade tutor.
  7. For the purposes of efficient handling of incidents, neither the Boarding House nor the boarder may retain representation for minor infringement hearings.
  8. For serious breaches of the Boarding Policy and for repeated infractions the disciplinary committee shall consist of:
    • The Druce Hall Senior Master.
    • The relevant grade tutor.
    • At least two parent committee members.
    • One non-boarding staff member to act as secretary.
  9. The decision as to the seriousness of the offence shall be left to the Senior Master and relevant grade tutor to decide jointly.
  10. Parents and boarders who are not satisfied with the outcome of a hearing have the right of appeal to the Parent Management Committee and thereafter to the School Governing Body.


  1. This committee shall be elected each year at the AGM, date to be determined by the Chairman.
  2. Elected officials shall then be presented to be Headmaster and the Parktonian Foundation to be ratified.
  3. The committee shall consist of:
    • Chairman
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Portfolio Holder – Maintenance
    • Portfolio Holder – Fundraising
    • Portfolio Holders – as per requirements
    • Boarding House Senior master
    • Other boarding staff may be seconded onto the committee
  4. The committee shall nominate a member to represent Druce Hall on the SGB.
  5. The committee shall nominate a member to represent Druce Hall on the School Finance Committee.
  6. The Treasurer may be required to present Financials to the Foundation from time to time.
  7. When required by the Senior Master, committee members may be required to sit on disciplinary committees.
  8. The committee shall be responsible for preparing the annual budget with the assistance of input from the relevant staff. This shall be done in accordance with the School Finance Office requirements.
  9. The committee is responsible for communication all relevant Druce Hall information to the General Druce Hall Parent Body as necessary.


  1. Meals: Boarding masters are required to attend three out of five breakfasts, three out of four dinners and the Monday Masters meeting each week. Masters are catered for by the kitchen for all meals provided to the boarders.
    This is subject to the discharge of duties of an educator at the school.
  2. Each master is responsible for one twenty-four hour duty per week. During this time the staff member is required to fulfill the duties as per the daily schedule, complete the relevant section in the duty book and be on call for Boarding House emergencies. Between 16h30 and 07h30 this staff member is responsible for all medical emergencies with regard to boarders. (Outside of this time the staff member controlling the particular activity is responsible i.e. academic time – teacher and sports practices – the coach).
  3. Boarding House Sports: Each master must attend at least one practice per week. The duty staff member must be present during Boarding Sports each day.
  4. Interhouse Activities: Each master must attend at least two Interhouse activities per term.
  5. Portfolio Duties:
    1. Each master shall act as a grade tutor and discharge duties as required. These include, but are not limited to meeting with the grade learners regularly, acting as mentor, pastoral responsibilities to boarders, completing reports and newsletter responsibilities.
    2. Each master shall manage a portfolio as designated by the school. I.e. gardens, liaison, maintenance etc.
  6. Accommodation: Each master is required to be in residence for at least four nights of the week, at least one week of the April and July vacations and two weeks of the December vacation.  Duties during this time will be designated by the school.
  7. The educator shall endeavor to treat the accommodation as his / her own. Druce Hall management expects the occupant to behave in a reasonable manner towards the physical building as well as other residents.
  8. The educator shall have reasonable access to facilities on the campus. Weekend / holiday access may require communication with the relevant facility manager.
  9. Educators may be required to dress accordingly to instruction for specific functions. The appropriate clothing will be supplied and remains the property of Druce Hall for the duration of his / her stay in boarding.
  10. During the duty period the Duty Master must be present on campus at all times.
  11. After lights out, the Duty Master shall make a check of each dormitory.
  12. The Duty Master is responsible for ensuring that boarders are attired appropriately at all times (with special emphasis on corridors and entering and exiting bathrooms).
  13. The Duty Master is responsible for reporting inappropriate or unsatisfactory meals in the Duty Book and to the Catering Portfolio holder.
  14. The Duty Master must ensure that the relevant security company is aware of his duty day and contact numbers should they need to contact him.
  15. Boarding staff are required to attend the weekly staff meeting on Monday evenings at 18h30.
  16. Staff act in loco parentis for boarders who are resident in the Druce Hall Boarding facility. Learners who breach the Code of Conduct of the school and/or the Boarding House shall be deemed to have forfeited their rights to protection/services offered by boarding staff.