Cultural Activities



Culture, together with sport, comprises all extra-mural activities at Parktown. Our philosophy is one that caters for a holistic development of young people, addressing their academic, physical, emotional and aesthetic needs. In pursuit of our aim to enrich and extend our boys to the highest of levels, cultural activities have expanded to include an amazing eleven activities.

Cultural Activities

Brass and Drum Corps

We cannot begin to imagine what the world would be like without music. It’s true not all of us can sing but we all at one point in time listen to a particular artist, we have that song that comes to mind and we start humming it without even realizing that we are doing that. This shows the power of music in our lives communities and even schools. Music help bring people together in rhythm.

Champions for Christ

We have been blessed to see how the boys who attend Champions for Christ have grown spiritually and emotionally. We have covered numerous day-to-day worries and questions pertaining to life. The boys know that they are able to voice any pressing issues or burdens they have in their lives, and through God’s grace we find solutions. It is amazing to see how the group has grown, and how the committee is championing together in assisting their fellow learners find and stay on God’s path. Luke 4:18 ‘The Spirit of the Lord is on me because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.’


Chess is so much more than an idle pastime. It has been proven to strengthen logical reasoning, to nurture creative problem solving and to build strategic planning abilities. Moreover, it cultivates and encourages self-confidence, mutual respect and maturity in younger players. In some countries, chess is an integral part in school syllabi for its educational virtues.


What better way to show your creative talent and allow your creative juices to run than to get up on stage and show the world your ability to get into someone else’s shoes! This is drama…particularly at Parktown. Boys play girls, roles are reversed and our otherwise boring and mundane world becomes a place that we all want to inhabit. The number of productions that we put on per year is phenomenal…10 to be exact, allowing all the aspiring young thespians amongst us to get a ‘spot’ in the limelight. We are so proud of what our boys achieve and hope that we will be well supported by you, our most adoring fans.

First Aid

The first aid team at Parktown is a strong and dedicated team who assist at most sport fixtures. The senior boys all have at least a level 2 emergency care certificate and are qualified to help with injuries and CPR. In Grade 8 and 9 the boys are trained and can obtain a level 2 certificate that is valid for three years. This certificate is registered at the Department of Manpower. Valuable experience is gained next to the sports fields and this work and training is invaluable if one wants to make a career in the medical field.


Philosophy is a Science. It is a study that seeks to understand the mysteries of existence and reality from the most radical viewpoint and fares from the deepest ideas (happiness, ethics, love) to the most trivial aspects of normal life. It can also relate to any field of study as all institutions function on certain philosophical ideas relating to what is important, how life could be ordered and what is real and substantial. The term Philosophy comes from Greek, meaning love for wisdom. Philosophy comes out of desiring to know and understand…


The Photographic Society at Parktown Boys’ High School started historically in the darkroom. Now, we have the added advantage that come with digital cameras: endless practice for very little running costs. In the last few years, the dedicated individuals within the society have undertaken a huge portfolio. This year we have seen a growth in interest and numbers within the Society. Our vision for the future of the Society is to develop within the boys a love for the art of photography. Once the love of photography is present, then we can widen our experience and grow our photographic knowledge and skills with the aim of producing a few ‘keepers’ every time we shoot.

Public Speaking

The term "oratory" is derived from Latin and, broadly speaking, refers to any form of communication which involves the use of words in a spoken format. The earliest Greek and Roman philosophers realized and understood the significance of the spoken word as an important medium of communication on a plethora of subjects, and the use of oratory at Parktown Boys' High School is certainly no different from that envisaged by those ancient pioneers of the art.


The Scrabble Club at Parktown continues to grow each year. The interest expressed by the boys and the opportunity for tournaments outside the school add to the excitement of playing. Once boys discover that the game is also played on a strategic level, and not just a game where one has to make simple words, the interest and participation doubles.

Stock Exchange Game

The Stock Exchange game has become a very popular cultural activity at Parktown Boys High School. The talent that runs through our boys is amazing. We have seen many successes. We look forward to many more successes in the future.

Traditional Dancing

The Parktown Boys’ High Traditional Dancing Group was started in 1999. Initially, the group concentrated on Gumboot Dancing but eventually evolved into Traditional Dancing. Besides the fun of dancing together and performing in full Zulu attire, the purpose of this group is to support cultural inclusiveness and an appreciation of authentic South African traditions and values. Our traditional dancing group accommodates all cultural groups of learners. This kind of activity helps our youngsters to expand their knowledge on cultural activities and their cultural backgrounds. We emphasize the spirit of Ubuntu, where youngsters have to show respect and value individual cultures.

Heart of the Lion

The Heart of the Lion is a worthy cause for serving the community and simply to ‘give’.
The pupils set goals for themselves and endeavor to complete at least two projects a term; whether it is visiting an old age home, fundraising, visiting patients, i.e. cancer, aids, etc. It is very important to make the pupils aware of life’s most important lessons and gain maturity and greater appreciation of their own lives and families.